Distinguishing Between A Dentist And An Orthodontist

The local dentist can be compared directly with your general practitioner – the GP – or your typical family doctor. He, like your GP, deals with general diagnostic and treatment matters which may not be critical at the time that you visit him. But should the dentist, just like a GP would do, detect serious deteriorations to your dental or oral health that need critical or advanced treatments, he will more than likely prescribe a first-time visit to the orthodontist helotes clinic.

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The orthodontist will be performing advanced surgical procedures required that the dentist is not entirely and fully equipped to perform. While the dentist can carry out teeth cleaning procedures and plug cavity gaps with small fillings, the orthodontist will be giving patients a complete overhaul if you will. These surgical procedures entail full replacements of oral structures. That is when tooth decay has set in quite severely.

And all teeth must be removed with a completely new set. But it is no longer necessary for patients to be saddled with old fashioned dentures that their grandparents are famous for wearing. No, the orthodontist can give you implants instead. These implants are so realistic; you would not notice the difference. It is like having your usual teeth, only now it is brand new and white. But just how long will it stay like that?

Therein lies the rub. Orthodontics will be all good and well but it can become a wasted and costly exercise if the patient does not take care as will always be recommended by their dentist. Regular brushing and cleaning must carry on as before. And checking eating habits become more necessary too. Even so, no matter what, teeth will still decay over time. Which is why a regular visit to the dentist will still be necessary.