Dental Treatment Also Preventive Medicine

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In most cases, basic oral hygiene should be beginning with you. Practicing good oral hygiene every day of your life becomes a form of preventive medicine. But it becomes more effective when you keep your appointments for regular dental checkups, usually just once a year on the average. Dental diagnoses form part of these checkups and it could just be that there are early warning signs of gum infections or tooth decay that need to be addressed at the earliest convenience to ensure that no further decay need occur.

Minor procedures in the dentist’s operating chair become a form of preventive medicine. It is preventing the spread of potential disease and damage to the oral structure. But mostly due to neglect, as in patients not practicing their daily preventive medicine, and not having been in for an annual checkup with the dentist, prescribed or scheduled visits to the orthodontic treatment charlotte nc clinic may need to be made.

This is due to the spread of disease and tooth and cavity damage having reached contagion beyond control. The general dental practitioner is no longer in a position to help the distressed patient. The orthodontist, one the other hand, has the tools and procedures to root out the contagion and nip any further possibility of gum disease and tooth decay in the bud. And in the extreme, this may necessitate having to lose teeth that will be replaced by dentures.

Those who are fortunate enough to not endure this extreme or who have the orthodontist fully at their disposal, may receive the more advanced orthodontic implants. And when oral and dental health has been restored, it is back to base camp. It is now over to you to practice your preventive medicine in order to remain healthy.